Ways to give


Simply go to your online banking and send your transfer to give@crosschurch.ca and in the message field enter in where you want your transfer to go to ie: Tithes, Burn the Mortgage Campaign, etc. Finally send us the password you generated for the transfer to give@crosschurch.ca in a separate email. You will receive a confirmation once your transfer has been accepted.

Credit Card

Please only use your credit card for Online Giving if you pay your balance off every month. Carrying a balance on a credit card subjects you to horrendous interest rates and fees that work against your financial health. If you are carrying a balance, please choose another method of payment.

Give Online

Sunday Mornings

If you prefer to give through an offering envelope, we receive offerings at our services through the giving time (just after live announcements) and through the drop box in the Giving Center. We accept cash, cheques, debit and credit cards on Sunday mornings. Ask someone in a blue shirt if you need a hand!