Leading people into a growing relationship with Christ and His Church

About Us

Our team

We have a great team here at Cross Church and we can't wait to meet you. Here's some more about each of us.

Our Story

Cross Church was an offshoot or "church plant" of Calvary Temple Winnipeg. Originally known as Weston Gospel Church, Arlo Johnson served as our first lead pastor. Our first building was located in the heart of the Weston community in NW Winnipeg on Elgin Avenue -- right across the street from Cecil Rhodes School.
From the beginning, we've been proud and active supporters of our community.
We moved a few blocks over, and have been at our current location,
1787 Logan Ave since December of 1999.
Our lead Pastor, Alan Duncalfe has been leading our church for 30 years.
To learn more about our story, and how God is working in our church, click the link below! You're going to want to find out!

Our Beliefs

We believe the entire Bible is the inspired Word of God and that men were moved by the Spirit of God to write the very words of Scripture. Therefore, we believe the Bible is without error.

The 9Habits of Christ Followers

What is a Christian supposed to do after they're saved and baptized? For some, it's not exactly intuitive to know how to follow Jesus. At Cross Church, after years of development, getting feedback and learning how to pastor and disciple people in a practical way, our Pastoral team, led by Pastor Alan has come up with 9Habits that you can implement into your daily life to become a disciplined disciple. These habits are by no means all-encompassing or a complete list of how to follow Jesus, but once you implement them into your daily and weekly life, we believe you will have the basis of a successful relationship with Jesus.